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Ancelotti: “Benzema is a very important player for us"


NEWS | 04/11/2014

“We scored in the first half and controlled the game without taking risks”, he added.
Ancelloti assessed the victory against Liverpool in his post-match press conference, a win which led his team through to the Round of 16: "It was a good match, we did not play at a high tempo because we did not need to. We scored in the first half and controlled the game without taking risks. We were comfortable on the pitch and tried to score more goals. We controlled the game and the victory is well deserved."

"Benzema is enjoying a good run of form, I don't know if it is the best of his career, but it is his best form since I have been here. I really like how he works for the team, he is a really important player for us."

Aiming for first place
“Although we have qualified, our plans haven't really changed much for the upcoming games. We still have to finish the group in first place and, like always, we have to respect the competition. We always play the same way. We can prepare for the Club World Cup by playing."


"Cristiano was focused on the game, he didn't score but we didn't talk about records together. He did not score but he will in the next match. He wasn't frustrated not to have scored. I would get frustrated when I played because I never scored. He played well and was happy with the win.

The run of victories
“What makes me happy is how the team is playing, how they prepare for matches and how motivated they are. Records are less important. They are nice, but I prefer to think about how we can win three points on Saturday."

Bale and Varane
"I was impressed with Bale. He did not start because following an injury it is normal to play for 30 minutes. He was fine and had no problems. He will start the match on Saturday. Varane played very well, he was really focused on the game."

"I can't assess Liverpool's starting line-up. Perhaps he tried to put out the freshest possible starting eleven in order to put more pressure on us. That did not surprise me. There is quality opposition throughout the group, and Liverpool always have a greater chance of qualifying because of their history and experience in the competition. Although they need to win their two matches and that won't be easy."