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Real Madrid presents the Décima song


NEWS | 25/05/2014

Composed by Red One, with lyrics by Manuel Jabois, the song is called ‘Hala Madrid y Nada Más’ ('Hala Madrid, Nothing More').
During the tenth European Cup celebration party, Real Madrid presented the club's new song: Hala Madrid y Nada Más. Moroccan-Swedish music composer and producer Nadyr Khayat, Red One, wrote the piece, the lyrics for which were penned by journalist Manuel Jabois. “It is the new Real Madrid song, I don't want it to be an anthem, I want it to be a song that the whole world can sing”, declared Red One.

“It was a dream come true. Now I'm here with the things I love, the Décima and Real Madrid. People sung it as if they had heard it before. I'm a Real Madrid fan and I had the idea of doing a song for the supporters".

"I have two close friends, Ronaldo and Ramos, and I told them I had something for Real Madrid. We have a song for the Décima and it's incredible. We needed an easy song that people could sing quickly to support the team and that's what we've done”.

Florentino Pérez: "All the fans will sing it"
"The Décima song will be sung by all the fans both in the stadium and outside of it. It's going to be a song that forms part of Real Madrid's history. It was recorded in April and both the squad and Carlo Ancelotti sang on it.