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The season-ticket card is a document that expresses a member's right to occupy the seat in the Santiago Bernabéu it corresponds to for the period, length of time and means agreed upon its issue. The season-ticket card grants the holder access to all matches, dependent on the category (traditional or Euroabono season ticket).
Carné de Socio
Only members can apply for a season ticket. In other words, to become a season-ticket holder it is essential that you are a club member. Unlike the membership card, the season ticket is transferable, meaning the holder can allow a third party to use it or opt to loan it to the club so that another, non-season-ticket holding member has the chance to see a game. In the case of the latter, the season-ticket holder can avail of a discount when they renew their ticket for the following season. In any event, the person whose name appears on the season ticket is responsible for its correct use at all times.

Every so often, the club updates the number of members as well as the number of season-ticket holders. Over the course of the summer of 2012, the club sent out a season-ticket card to each member, together with their membership card.

In the face of a high demand for season tickets, the Real Madrid Board decided to issue a further 3,500 season tickets ahead of the 2013/2014 season, exclusively for members of the club. The allocation process for new season tickets follows a list of criteria that will be checked against all applicants such as:

  • Seniority as a club member.
  • The number of family members that are season-ticket holders, i.e. grandparents, parents, children and/or siblings of the applicant.
  • The amount of tickets purchased the previous season.

With these three criteria in mind, the club will establish a points system for the applicants for new season tickets which will act as follows:


25 años o más 20

10 a 24 15

5 a 9 10

1 a 4 5


3 familiares 15

2 familiares 10

1 familiar 5


7 o más partidos 10

de 4 a 6 7

De 1 a 3 4

Applications will be accepted between the 22nd of July and the 15th of September 2013 via the online members service office. There, members should check the information pertaining to the aforementioned criteria as well as provide information about their season-ticket holding family members. A note of this information should be taken in case the season ticket card needs to be returned.

The newly available 3,500 season tickets will be distributed to non-season-ticket holding members as follows: 78% for Fourth Tier seats; 10% for Third Tier seats and 12% for seats in the First and Second Tiers. Once the application period closes, the club will publish a list of the non-season-ticket holding members who have applied for a season ticket, who will be awarded the card on the basis of the points they have accumulated with respect to the aforementioned criteria. In the case of a number of members being level on points, the card will be awarded on the basis of seniority.