This supporters club began during the 2003-2004 season and finally became the New York City Real Madrid Supporters Club in June 2007, after the club won the 2006-2007 La Liga title. That joyful event laid the foundations for what is today a strong family of over 200 members who share a common love: Real Madrid. “Our goal as a supporters club is to share our passion for Real Madrid and to create a great social network in New York”, explains the president, Elena Ponce.

The Midtown West neighbourhood, in the heart of Manhattan and home to the majority of New York's famous musicals, is the Supporters Club's headquarters. Specifically The Irish Rogue bar is where large numbers of fans come together to watch the team's victories. The passionate atmosphere in this bar means that the love for Real Madrid in Manhattan is just as strong as it is in the Santiago Bernabéu.

“The Irish Rogue is a perfect place for tourists who don't want to miss any of Real Madrid's or the Spanish national team's matches while they travel. During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, football fans watched the Spanish national side's matches alongside members of the New York City Real Madrid Supporters Club”, adds Elena Ponce, a Valencian by birth and a huge admirer of Zidane, she acts as a hostess alongside the club's vice president Sergio Carrasco, a Mexican who is loyal to Real Madrid and a huge Hugo Sánchez fan. Between these two as well as the supporters club's longest-serving members, everyone is made to feel welcome.

Just like New York itself, the Supporters Club is characterised by its mix of nationalities, in which there is only one universal language: football. Americans, Mexicans, Salvadorans, Canadians, Uruguayans, Chileans, Polish, Moroccans, Cubans and of course Spanish make up this mixing pot of fans. No matter where they are from, everyone, without exception, is free to enjoy Real Madrid and football with good company. The amazing atmosphere created by the supporters club has contributed to its rapid growth, surpassing 200 members in only 3 years.

The Whites' preseason tours of the USA are always a special time for the Supporters Club, who in 2009 had the chance to see their players in the flesh in Washington. But that is not the only thing the group does. Meals, taking part in amateur football tournaments, PlayStation competitions, trips... any excuse is a good one in order to meet up, and Real Madrid is the love these people share in common. "Whether you live in New York or are just passing through, you are welcome to experience our passion for Real Madrid in this great city. Don't hesitate. We hope to see you".