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  1. Model of the sports complex in the 60s
  2. Machinery used to build the sports complex in the 60s
  3. Training at the old sports complex

Real Madrid inaugurated their first Sports City on the 18th of May 1963. At the time it was built, it was the largest sporting facility built by a European club and covered some 110,000 m2 (9.1% of its current size).
Those exceptional facilities were used by some of the greatest sportsmen of the time, and some of the greatest players in the history of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team learnt their trade there.

These are the same objectives that have been sought and achieved today, but with substantial improvements in the facilities at our disposal in this new century.
This evolution can be clearly observed in the photos. One example is the model of the old Sports City seen here in a simple image in black and white. There has also been a notable change in the machinery that was used back then and the modern excavators that moved over 900,000 m3 of earth to make the current Sports City.