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Player of the Match, Fede Valverde: “We dug in, defended well and fought hard"

“Madrid always deliver, that’s part of football,” underlined the Uruguayan midfielder.

Player of the Match, Fede Valverde: “We dug in, defended well and fought hard"
NEWS.Rodrigo SalamancaPhotographer: Antonio Villalba y Pedro Castillo

Fede Valverde was named Player of the Match in the Champions League quarter-final second leg between Manchester City and Real Madrid. The midfielder played a crucial role in the madridistas booking their place in the next round and following the final whistle, he reflected: “It was an incredible effort by the whole team. We have to congratulate Lunin because he got some criticism after the first leg due to something that can happen to anyone. He stood up strong today, he showed that courage you need at Real Madrid and demonstrated what a fantastic goalkeeper he is.”

“Madrid always deliver, that’s part of football. The opposition came into the game stronger, playing better football than us and were favourites. But we are Madrid and we dug in, defended well and fought hard. That’s how we won the game.”
Fatigue management
“We did a well-planned job until the goal, as the coach told us to do. Then we got behind mentally. As well as tiredness, your head hurts you while you're running after the ball. They're a team that attacks heavily with one-on-ones, they pass it to their teammates, turn the play and come back to me. It's non-stop, but you have to know how to dig in, work hard and show your pride.”

A huge team effort
“There are teammates like Vini, Jude and Rodrygo who are exceptional in attack, but today they did an incredible job. Bellingham fought until the end of every move, he had the nerve to take the penalty and that says a lot about this player's courage and pride.”