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    Liga EndesaMatchday 33
    Live the match inWiZink Center
    Real MadridReal Madrid
    Valencia Basket Valencia Basket
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    Liga Endesa, Matchday 33
      WiZink Center

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    Classic MatchCorazón Classic Match 2019
    Live the match inSantiago Bernabéu
    Real Madrid LegendsReal Madrid Legends
    Chelsea LegendsChelsea Legends
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    Classic Match, Corazón Classic Match 2019
      Santiago Bernabéu

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    III - 2014Nº 48
    Summary Post:Fundación Magazine Nº48SUMARY  

    04 Report
    Social sports schools: Start of the new
    season 2014/2015

    18 Interview
    Gento, the only player with six European Cups

    20 Board of Trustees
    Approval of the Foundation 2013/2014 accounts

    22 News
    Charity padel in aid of the schools

    28 Training

    32 Luis de Carlos Forum
    The 10 European Cups

    36 Basketball
    Inclusive basketball

    40 Campus
    A global experience

    42 A day like today
    Landmarks, news... Follow us #PatrimonioRM

    44 Real Madrid heritage
    1961-1970: Eight times league champions

    50 Volunteers
    Doing our bit for the Dia de la Banderita

    The Real Madrid Foundation drives the Club and all its component's commitment to social projects. That is the reason why all the Foundation's various activities are recognised in the quarterly Journal. Through the Journal's articles, reports and interviews, you can find out about all the Foundation's various projects around the world, the opinion of its beneficiaries as well as of the different institutions that collaborate with the development of these initiatives, and the projects organised to help young people and more disadvantaged groups in society.