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Gran acción por el medioambiente en el Torneo Socideportivo de escuelas de la Fundación

Environmentally conscious initiative at the Foundation's social sports schools tournament

NEWS STORY. 23/05/2023

The awareness-raising initiative about recycling lightbulbs took place for another year alongside AMBILAMP.

This weekend saw Real Madrid City play host to the penultimate round of the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools tournament. Over a thousand young people took part in this week's event, which included a series of activities to raise awareness about respect for the environment with AMBILAMP, the Association for Recycling Lighting.

To coincide with the week that we celebrate the International Day of Light (16 May), AMBILAMP, a Foundation partner, set up an entertaining skill game which consisted of throwing lightbulbs into different bins. The activity was designed to complement the matches, encouraging the correct recycling of lightbulbs as part of the Foundation's leisure-educational framework designed to promote environmental awareness, part of the program in education in values through sport.
This non-profit association brings together all the main lighting companies to collect and process a lamps, lighting components and other electronic waste. AMBILAMP has been collaborating with the Real Madrid Foundation since the 2018/19 campaign, supporting the sustainability of the inclusive football social sports schools for young people with autism at the Luis Aragonés, Plata y Castañar municipal facilities in Madrid.
As part of this alliance, the beneficiaries of the Foundation's social sports projects have taken part in the awareness-raising activity aimed at recycling lightbulbs, which comes within education in respecting the environment and the circular economy, in line with the Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda.