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GSK visita a los beneficiarios de las escuelas adaptadas de la Fundación y la F. Ana Carolina Díez Mahou

GSK alongside beneficiaries of Real Madrid Foundation adapted schools and Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation

NEWS STORY. 16/05/2023

Children with neuromuscular and respiratory pathologies are able to practice and learn as a result of this collaboration.

For another season, the boys and girls at the Real Madrid Foundation's adapted socio-sports schools for football and basketball, in collaboration with the Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation, were visited by GSK executives accompanied by Rafa García Cortés, director of the Real Madrid Foundation's football schools.
The schools are run on a weekly basis at the Valdefuentes school and have been backed by GSK since 2018. This allows them to benefit from sport and its values through activities tailored to their respiratory and neuromuscular pathologies.
Guillermo de Juan Echávarri, Vice President and Head of Communication and Government Affairs in Europe at GSK, once again witnessed the value of the activities for these beneficiaries and said: “Seeing children with these respiratory or neuromuscular conditions doing sport together in this school and knowing that we contribute to this effort is a matter of pride for GSK, where we are committed to the treatment and prevention of these diseases.”
Meanwhile, Rafael García Cortés said: “This is an important project for us because we are making a difference in the everyday lives of these children, who can enjoy sport and its values every Friday.” Javier Perez-Mínguez Caneda, director of the Ana Carolina Díez Mahou Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the help given: “This is a unique opportunity for children who need to socialise, play sports and undergo therapy because they suffer from neurodegenerative diseases, and all this effort is so positive for them, and the result of these five years is wonderful.”
Various forms of collaboration
The agreement between GSK and the Real Madrid Foundation encompasses different forms of collaboration, such as campaigns to promote healthy habits from early childhood and awareness-raising. The promotion of sport is a means of helping to boost the health of children with asthma with the campaign Growing Without Limits: Childhood Asthma; the importance of vaccines through the project Super V. The Value of Vaccines, and the range of children's stories, the latest being A Surprise Journey, which raises awareness of female cancer.