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Real Madrid - Eintracht Frankfurt

Ancelotti: “We've got a strong team, we're motivated and we want to keep on winning”

NEWS STORY. 10/08/2022. Rodrigo Salamanca. Photographer: Antonio Villalba/Víctor Carretero

"There's a good team spirit in this dressing room and it's a pleasure to coach these players as there's a good balance", said the coach.

Carlo Ancelotti spoke in the press room at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki after his side won the UEFA Super Cup against Eintracht Frankfurt: "We don't need this game to show that we've got a strong team, we're motivated and we want to keep on winning. The match proved to be more difficult than we had expected. We were looking for balls between the lines in the first half. We controlled things after Alaba's scored the first goal and we didn't take any risks. We're still solid at the back and have kept three clean sheets in the last three finals. That's a very encouraging sign".
"The dressing room is in good shape and it's a pleasure to coach these players as there's a good balance here. The matches are great and winning help to keep the dressing room healthy. It's mainly down to the players' intelligence."
Improvements from last season
"Nobody a year ago had the confidence in a team like this. The team grew and improved a lot last year, but there's also room for improvement. We've taken a lot of steps forward".
"Nobody doubts Karim and for us he's the most important and most effective player in the world. He played a very big role in winning the Champions League. He didn't score in the final, but he scored important goals to get us to the final. He scored three against City, Chelsea and PSG. He's definitely the best for us".
"We're going to rotate a bit more this year".
The move for the first goal
"The first goal was a rebound at the back post. The idea was to play balls in to the back post as that's where they were weak. The important thing was Casemiro being there because that's what was on the tactics board".

"Alaba has changed his game and he's a more experience player, he's tactically adept, defensive positioning and he's a leader at the back. He controls the defensive line well. He's improved a lot in this respect compared to when I coached him at Bayern Munich".
Coaching staff
"I can't do the job alone. I need help with the fitness, medical and strategic elements. I trust everyone and I like to hand out responsibility. We're doing very well and we have a good team spirit in the dressing room".
Casemiro MVP
"He hasn't reacted and I haven't questioned him about the idea of bringing in Tchouameni. I agree with him receiving the MVP award because his work in the defensive transitions meant the game wasn't as complicated as it could have been. A great player in Tchouameni has joined us and he's going to learn a lot from Casemiro".
"This season is going to be a strange one. The players are focused and the ones going to the World Cup are going to give everything they can to be ready. There won't be many problems before the World Cup. We'll have to see how tired the players are after the World Cup. They normally go on holiday after the World Cup, but not this season".
Celebrating sitting down with Casemiro and Militão
"I was tired and I've got a problem with my knee from standing. That's why I sat down to talk and joke with them about the game. Militão put in a very good performance".