PSG-Real Madrid

Courtois: “It's all to play for in the second leg"

NEWS STORY. 15/02/2022. Bárbara Jiménez

"This is our competition and the Bernabéu is our home. We're calling for the fans to get behind us from now", added Casemiro.

Thibaut Courtois reflected on the Champions League round-of-16 first-leg clash against PSG at the Parc de Princes in the following terms: “We’ve come here and faced a side who are very strong in attacking terms. Champions League games are different to the LaLiga matches. We got off to a pretty decent start, but we didn't manage to keep our composure. We were made to suffer out of possession and didn't do very well on the counter-attack. Everything's still to play for in the return leg”.

“It's very hard to take. We didn't put in a good performance, but we’ll do better back at the Bernabéu. I hope that we manage to do it with the support of our fans. As a goalkeeper, you know that you're going to be busy in games like this. I tried to keep a clean sheet and for them to score as they did was a real setback, but we've got an important LaLiga game coming up at home and have to keep winning”.
Penalty save from Messi
“I'd studied him quite a lot from when he played at Barcelona. He has missed three here in the league by going to the right and it was a case of playing with him and diving to my left. It was good that it kept us in the game, but conceding in the last minute is hard to take”.
Without Casemiro & Mendy for return
“It's a shame that they won't be available, but we've got a strong squad. I don't know whether or not the foul by Mendy was a booking and I feel as if the referee was too keen to give out yellow cards here tonight”.

"We have to give it everything we have against them in March, those of us who play will fight hard and try to come through”.
“I managed to stop him a few times but in the last move he showed his quality and his class, that’s why he’s one of the best in the world”.
Casemiro: “We have to get a goal in the second leg”
“We knew this was a tough place to come, they pile the pressure on and they have real quality. The team worked hard and dug in, Thibaut saved a penalty, but that’s football. We have to get a goal in the second leg, football is about goals. We held out well but we lacked that killer ball to break out on the counter and the team that scores goals is the team that wins games”.
Back at the Bernabéu
“We have a good squad and whoever plays, I’m sure he’ll give it his best. We’d ask the fans to get behind us from now. This is our competition and the Bernabéu is our home. We want to feel the fans with us”.
“For we football lovers, it’s an honour to be talking about a player like Mbappé. He’s got bags of quality, he’s an incredible talent. I wish him the best of luck”.