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Alianza entre la Fundación Real Madrid y Millicom-TIGO

The Real Madrid Foundation and Millicom-TIGO partner for social sports projects in Latin America


NEWS | 27/09/2021

Florentino Pérez welcomed Mauricio Ramos, CEO of the fixed and mobile connection services corporation, to Real Madrid City.
Club President Florentino Pérez welcomed the CEO of the Millicom-TIGO corporation, Mauricio Ramos, to Real Madrid City for the signing of the alliance that will see the sustainability of 69 Real Madrid Foundation social sports projects in nine Latin American countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Paraguay) and the United States over the next five years.

The fixed and mobile services giant, Millicom, which has more than 55 million customers ove 10 countries in Latin America and Africa, has developed social commitments to each community since 1990, becomes a new global sponsor of the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports projects.

Educational work
Through this partnership with Millicom, 11,200 children and their families will be educated in the responsible and productive use of the internet, access to digital tools and the prevention of cyberbullying, along with programmes aimed at empowering women in order to improve their employability.

The Real Madrid Foundation helps 22,000 children in the Americas.

During his meeting with the Real Madrid president, Mauricio Ramos said: "This partnership is based on values that we share with Real Madrid with the aim of improving education and the future of children, as connectivity and football bring people together. We are tirelessly committed to building the digital highways that connect people, in order to improve their lives and help the development of communities".

Strong presence of the Foundation in the Americas
This partnership sees Millicom join the group of sponsors that support the Real Madrid Foundation's sustainable projects in the Americas, aong with Fundación Mapfre, Banco Merchant Santa Cruz, AT&T, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo, Globalvia and Kontiki Expeditions. In collaboration with local NGOs, the Foundation works with 22,000 children in the Americas, providing education in values through sport, nutrition, school support, etc.