Programa de voluntariado de Fundación Mapfre con las escuelas de la Fundación en Filipinas

The Mapfre Foundation's volunteer programme and the Foundation's schools in the Philippines

NEWS | 30/07/2021

Coaches from the Davao del Sur school were briefed on COVID-19 vaccination.
The Mapfre Foundation's volunteer programme in Manila is involved in the four social sports schools run by the Real Madrid Foundation and Anakk in Davao del Sur (Philippines). Volunteers from the insurance company delivered a seminar on vaccination against COVID-19 in the Philippines for the coach-educators at the schools.

The coaches took part in this online seminar, organised under the health promotion category. It gave them the opportunity to learn about the real COVID-19 situation in the Philippines, the different vaccines available and the benefits and risks of these vaccines. Real Madrid Foundation's school coaches are educated in sport and values. This type of seminar also expands their knowledge on other key issues in the education of children and their families, understanding the role of the coach as a key figure in the development those who take part in the project.

The seminar took place online.

Important issues such as the different types of vaccines available in the Philippines, the number of doses required for each vaccine, possible side effects of the vaccine, its effectiveness, priority vaccination groups or information on vaccination of pregnant and breastfeeding women were discussed during the seminar. A question and answer session rounded off the seminar.

Objective of the seminar
This seminar will help to reinforce the role of the coaches as leaders in the community, people that those taking part can look to for reliable and quality information during this pandemic. The information provided will be shared with the parents in the regular meetings held in the four schools in Hagonoy, Santa Cruz, Ciudad de Digos and Padada.
Several workshops are planned during the season covering different topics, ranging from health to education and art, in order to further strengthen the relationship between the collaborating entities.

Real Madrid Foundation social sports schools
Fundación Mapfre has been supporting the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports schools around the world since 2010, in countries such as Brazil, El Salvador, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Mexico, the Philippines, the United States and the Dominican Republic.