Real Madrid Next

Real Madrid Next and FundingBox establish agreement over funding and development of European innovation projects for start-ups

NEWS | 30/07/2020

The club is set to share its resources and knowledge with the start-ups in the development of innovative projects.
Real Madrid Next and FundingBox have struck a collaboration agreement for the funding and development of European innovation projects for start-ups. The link-up has a value of up to €9 million over the next three years.
FundingBox will invest up to €4.5 million in the start-ups involved in the programme and will help them to secure additional funding from other capital risk funds. For its part, Real Madrid will offer the start-ups its resources and knowledge in the running of the innovation projects. It is predicted that this combined effort between the start-ups and Real Madrid will amount to a further €4.5 million.

As many as 30 innovative companies will join forces with Real Madrid and FundingBox to improve on-field performance levels, the spectacle and relationships with the club's supporters and the sports industry across the following technological fields: e-health, performance, fan engagement, audiovisual content, cybersecurity, technology, social work and sustainability.