Real Madrid

Official Announcement


In the wake of the statements issued by the ACB and the AEBA in relation to the events that took place in yesterday's Copa del Rey final, Real Madrid wishes to express that, in view of the seriousness of the events, the explanations and assessments offered in both statements are shameful.

Real Madrid, of course, understands that human errors can happen in any sport but the club demands a clear response about what happened in a play that was reviewed by a three-man refereeing team on the instant replay and whose decision surprisingly goes against what is laid down in the regulations, despite the clarity offered by the television images available to the referees and that everyone has been able to see.

Real Madrid fully defends the use of technology to improve refereeing, the fairness and cleanliness of the sport and that is why the club cannot understand the application of the regulation which, in this instance, the three refereeing professionals applied at a crucial moment in the final, after not taking into consideration all of the images available to them.

In light of the publication of both statements and the lack of any specific answers regarding this incomprehensible decision made by the referees, Real Madrid will continue to study the measures and course of action to adopt in view of the extremely serious nature of the events.