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Espanyol -  Real Madrid

Benítez: “Cristiano has a place in history"

NEWS | 12/09/2015 | Alberto Navarro (Barcelona) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Villalba

“I said that the team was going to attack. We went forward but we also tried to be balanced", he stated.
In the press room at Cornellà-El Prat, Rafa Benítez highlighted his team's good work in the thrashing against Espanyol and he praised Cristiano Ronaldo: “The numbers speak for themselves. Someone who scores so many goals definitely has a place in the history books. I hope that he can continue to add to his goalscoring account for his own benefit and that of the team”.

“I like talking about the team when they get a victory of this magnitude. You have to really put an emphasis on the five goals and the fact that he could have scored more. Despite that, we need to keep working because there are things to be improved".

The game
“It was not easy. We had a good game but there are things we can polish up on. I say that without vanity. Espanyol did a lot of things well, but we pack a good punch up front and we made the most of it". 

"I said that the team was going to attack. We went forward but we also tried to be balanced. I ask the forwards to move around freely in order to create problems. That was the key aspect. It wasn't easy and they did it really well".

Three games unbeaten
“The aim was to win, score more goals than the opponent, look to create attacking chances and work in defence. Once we had such a big advantage we had to help Navas obtain that record for the first three league games without conceding, a feat that nobody had managed in such a long time".