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Real Madrid - Valencia

Ancelotti: “If we play like this against Juve, things will go well for us"

NEWS | 09/05/2015 | Javier García

“We fought until the end and deserved to win", added the Whites manager.
Carlo Ancelotti gave a press conference at the Santiago Bernabéu and analysed the match against Valencia. The Whites manager talked about how he was feeling positive despite the draw: "The result isn't good, the game was the opposite: very good. We fought until the end and deserved to win. Sometimes that is not enough".

"We had a lot of opportunities, we hit the post three times, missed a penalty...We have played the game and I think everyone appreciated it. We feel good and if we play like this on Wednesday then everything will go well".

Reaction after the break
“It was really good, we fought and worked together. We attacked in every possibly way. Thanks to everyone's work, the match went like that. The result is bad for us but sometimes that happens".

State of La Liga
“It is a lot more complicated. We have two games remaining and have to try and win both. We are keeping going, but it is evident that things are more difficult now".

Kroos and Benzema
“Kroos had a blow to his hip and we are going to evaluate it tomorrow. It doesn't seem to be a muscle problem and we are quite positive about it. The same with Karim, who has a little problem from a hit and I think he will be ready for Wednesday".

We fought together, worked and attacked in every way possible.

“Varane had a fever over the course of the night and was quite tired. Now he doesn't have the fever and I believe he will be able to train normally tomorrow".

Atmosphere in the dressing room
“We are disappointed with the result, but we have a lot of confidence with how we played. They gave everything they could. They know that they can get to the final playing like that".

Encouragement for Wednesday
“We have to value the positive aspects of our game, and also look at the small errors, that are really costing us. We also have to remain calm because we will have more chances playing like that".

Changes to full-backs
“Trying to make a comeback from 0-2, I already had a lot of attacking players out on the pitch. The only way to attack more was to put two more attacking full-backs on”.

Casillas and defence
“Casillas had a good game, like all of the team. We are really paying for small errors. The only problem was with dead-ball situations because the marking was not good. The first goal was a very quick cross and Alcácer anticipated it well. We were quite balanced despite having a lot of attacking play. In the end, we suffered a little because we had to make a comeback but that is normal".