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Everything started at the beginning of the year 2013 when a Madrileño, Javier De Jesus, decided to meet with a group of Madridistas with the goal of watching the matches and possibly create a new supporters group in the near future. At the same time and in the same city, Colombian Majin Hemer Sierra was meeting with another group of Madridistas with the same goal. By coincidence, they found each other on twitter and decided to meet and unite their groups to create one big supporters group in the City.

In August of the same year, they had the first official meeting of the newly created supporters club, they signed the foundation papers, bylaws, board members and permanent place to meet. Mr. Andrés López, Julio Moreno and Thomas A. Baker were also part of this meeting and are considered founding members of the Peña. From its foundation,

the Peña Madridista Atlanta was registered under the name "Madridistas Atlanta Inc" as a non-profit organization in their home State of Georgia, as well under the federal laws of the United States to operate as such. The club currently has 78 members who get together in their official home Olde Blind Dog Irish Pub of Brookhaven to watch all matches, and their goal from its creation has been to unite the Madridistas in Atlanta and its metropolitan area to make even bigger our legendary club.