The Real Madrid Supporters' Club of Atlanta, based in the state of Georgia, USA was founded in August 2013 and boasts a membership of 68. Members get together for every La Liga BBVA, Copa del Rey and Champions League fixture to cheer on their team at the 'Olde Blind Dog', an Irish pub in Brookhaven, Atlanta, which despite being some 6,948km away from Madrid successfully brings together people with a common love for the Whites. When they get together, members share their passion for the club with other supporters, in an attempt to gather together all of the madrisimo spirit from within Atlanta and the surrounding areas. For the biggest games, over 200 people attend the group.

In early 2013, Madrid-born Javier de Jesús decided to create a Real Madrid fans' group in Atlanta with the idea of organising get-togethers to watch matches, the ultimate aim of which would be to found a supporters' club further down the line. In July of that year, Colombian Majin Hemer Sierra had the very same idea.

By chance, the pair came across each other on Twitter and they decided to join forces to establish a larger Real Madrid supporters' club in the city. August 2013 saw the group's first formal meeting, as the club was officially founded and a decision was made on the location of its headquarters.

The aforementioned founders of the group were joined at this meeting by Vice-President, Andrés López, IT Manager and Treasurer, Julio Moreno and Spokesperson, Thomas A. Baker.