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Tecate® is the top brand in the portfolio of the Mexican brewing company Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma and the country's leading light beer. Since its beginnings in Baja California in 1944, Tecate® has been regarded as the most innovative brand in the history of the Mexican beer brewing industry. It was the first canned beer to be sold in Mexico and, in 1992, the company launched the country's first light beer. The company currently has 3 varieties on the market: Tecate original, Tecate Light and Tecate Titanium. Founded in 1890, Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma is the most innovative brewery and has the longest-standing tradition in Mexico. The company has 6 production plants and one malting house. CM has the strongest international presence of any brewing group and is also one of the most important in terms of sales and profitability. At present the portfolio comprises 13 brands and over 20 products, making it the Mexican market's largest.

In August 2015 Tecate became a Real Madrid Official Sponsor for the Mexican market, which therefore saw the formation of a very strategic alliance for both parties that includes the Real Madrid image rights for the Tecate, Tecate Light and Tecate Premium brands. The deal was publically announced by Emilio Butragueño, who confirmed the significance of the signed agreement by stating, "with this alliance we want to be closer to our Mexican fans".