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Real Madrid - Éibar

Zidane: "The first half was very good, we were very strong"


NEWS | 14/06/2020

"We know the situation is a bit strange and we're adapting because it's going to be like this until the end of the season", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane answered questions from the media at the remote press conference following the win over Éibar: "This is a completely different thing to what we experienced before. We have to adapt and it's true that we started the game very well, but it was difficult in the second half. We're well prepared, but there were a lot of small elements involved and we weren't very sharp. I'll take the good things from the first half because it was very good, we were very strong. It's an important victory, it's three very important points and we’ve now got ten matches left".
"It could have been due to the 3-0 score line. The first half was very good in every department and maybe we relaxed a bit more in the second half, but there is not one specific thing. Was it the substitutions? We had to make changes. For example, the first one we did was because Carvajal sprained his ankle. Sergio had problems, and Eden because he hasn't played for so long. There are several reasons. We had to make five changes and I don't think that's the only thing that changed the match".
60 minutes for Hazard
"I can't say it was a pre-arranged thing. We knew Hazard would probably lack a little sharpness if he played the whole game. He played for an hour, and played well, and he took a hit, which will do him good. He's had a knock, a scare, but that's football. He was fine at half-time, he was happy and he's not afraid. He is happy with what he’s done and we’re happy with his work and that of the whole team".
Playing without fans
"We know the situation, it's a bit weird for everyone and the players have to adapt to it. I think this is also going to be the case until the end of the season, so we have to get used to it because it will be the case until the end of the season and we have to give our all without the support of our fans or the opponent's, who can also give you a lift. That's how it is".
Benzema on form
"I don't know about his diet. Benzema always takes good care of himself like most players at this level. He's in good shape physically, happy to be able to play again and it's true that he's well. Let's hope he stays that way, we need him".


“Every player has an important role to play. You’re here to discuss that. It’s always the same in the end. I’ll be calling on all my players, we’ve got 10 games to go and then the Champions League, so I’m going to need every one of them”.

“There’s nothing we can do. The schedule is what it is. We’ve got a deep squad, I always say the same, we’re going to need everyone and what happened today, that Carvajal, Ramos and Marcelo picked up knocks, that’s to be expected after such a long time out. The good thing is we can make five changes, and now we’ll have to rest up and switch our focus to the next game, Thursday at 22:00. This is inevitable”. 

Goal-scoring defenders
“We have players up top who can always make the difference. I think when Hazard laid it to Sergio, he could have scored himself too, but he’s altruistic, so he gave it to Sergio. It’s unselfish and I love to see things like that”.

Rodrygo and Mendy
Rodrygo is a Real Madrid player. I have 23 guys available; I have to make choices and they’re decisions to be taken in every match. Mendy came on because Carvajal got a knock. He’s played in that position in the past, not with us, but it’s a position he can fill because he has no problems with his right foot. It’s a choice made after a player has picked up an injury”.

Asensio’s return
“We’re happy to have Marco back available and we’ll take it slowly. We have lots of players, Asensio is in good shape and I’m going to use him. I wasn’t able to today, but there are other games to come and he has to be ready just like any other player. I’ll be counting on him”.