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Real Madrid lead the way in transparency amongst 2018/19 Champions League teams

NEWS | 28/05/2019

The club heads up the rankings with a score of 77.17%, according to a study led by Dyntra.
Real Madrid have been named as the most transparent club involved in the 2018/19 Champions League, according to the latest study carried out by Dyntra, the world's first collaborative platform that seeks to measure the public information of various organisations. The Whites sit top of the tree with a transparency index of 77.17%, followed by Barcelona (69.57%) and Juventus (54.35%).
The study analyses the club's institutional transparency, communications and relationship with fans, economic and financial transparency and the services engaged by the 32 clubs involved in the group stage of the last edition of the Champions League.
Real Madrid recorded 58.62% in terms of institutional transparecny, 92% in communications and rapport with fans and the public, 78.57% in economic/financial transparency and 90% in the engagement of services. "The only two clubs to exceed the 50% mark in each of the four categories are 
Real Madrid and Barcelona", notes Erwin de Grave, Dyntra's director of international relations. In making these assessments, the source used was the football clubs' corporate websites.
Position Club Percentage 

1 Real Madrid 77.17

2 FC Barcelona 69.57

3 Juventus 54.35

4 O. Lyon 36.96

.- Ajax 36.96

6 Valencia 35.87

7 Borussia Dortmund 32.61

8 Manchester City 30.43

9 Porto 29.35

10 Schalke 04 28.26

.- Atlético Madrid  28.26