Rueda de Prensa de Zidane

Zidane: “We're playing at home and we want to get back to winning ways”

NEWS | 20/04/2019

“Athletic haven't lost many games recently and they're looking better than at the beginning of the season", added the Real Madrid coach.
Zinedine Zidane has spoken to the press at Real Madrid City on the day before his side's clash with Athletic. The Whites' coach assessed the LaLiga match day 33 meeting at the Santiago Bernabéu (Sunday, 4:15pm CET): “We're up against a side who haven't lost many games recently. They're playing much better than earlier on in the season. They're a good team and games against them have always been difficult. I'm sure they'll make life hard for us but at the same time it's a good match for us in terms of improving. We want to win at home and play better”.
“We're ready to do a better job. We want to win the game. We're playing at home and we need to pick up another victory. We'll do our best to translate what we're working on during the week on to the pitch. I'm not worried, but we're certainly training better than we're playing. We've got six games left to get over this hump and we have to make sure we're playing better before the end of the season. We're looking good and getting much better in training”.

“It'll improve. It's a system that's just starting out and it will get better as time goes on. What I do find odd are the replays. Sometimes we don't all see the same thing or there might be an odd replay. Technology and the implementation of VAR have happened to make things clear and to limit the chance of errors being made. Then it's up to the referee to interpret the images he sees on the screen. It will get better and we all hope that one day it'll be perfect for everyone involved”.

Injury to Odriozola
“We're frustrated to lose him, particularly because it's quite a bad one. It's his clavicle and he'll undergo surgery this evening. It's unlikely we'll see him play again this season. He's fine and I hope the operation goes well and we'll have him back quickly. But he won't play until next year now”.

Vinicius Jr.'s progress
“I'm pleased to see him back with us but we have to take it slowly because he's been out for two months and now we have to work with him gradually. That's how we're looking at it. He'll have to work hard next week and then we'll see on a day-by-day basis. We have to take it easy, we don't want to rush him back. He's shown his quality and he's a super player to have looking to the future, at just 18 years of age. I'm pleased for him”.

“We haven't discussed the future and we're not about to. We're focused only on tomorrow's game, nothing more".

We've got six games left and we have to start playing better before the end of the season.

“I'm happy and the players want to do a better job, so we're focused on that all together. These are players who are constantly thinking about winning things, particularly at this club. That won't be possible this year and it makes everything harder. We've got one month left of competitive games and we're going to give it our best shot. My head is right here and my energies are focused on next year too. I'm not at all burned out”.
“You can ask but I don't intend to give you any answers. I'm not getting involved with any names. We're looking at the future but that will be discussed when the time comes. Right now, we must think about the teams we're yet to play against and nothing more. I know what I'm looking for and I'll speak to the club about the kinds of players I want, but not now”.

“There's nothing decided. I've got some ideas and I'd like to change things. It's clear in my mind what kind of players I want to bring in but it all depends on the market. There will be changes and there will be alterations to the playing style as well”.

Players on the way out
“I said one thing and suddenly the press is full of comments which will suit people's agendas. We've got some very good players, the best in the world are all here. We're always looking for the best. We have to accept it's not been our best year but we take it on the chin and want to change it. I don't know how it'll work out. All the players have got contracts here but that will be discussed when the time comes. There is time to talk about it. Anything can happen”.

“We have to be honest with them and I will be. You'll see what we decide to do. Courtois has had some niggles and when that happens we have to accept it. He's better now and I think he'll be back with the team on Monday”.

“We know what a player he is and the talent he has. He's a young lad. It's been a tough season for everyone, not just him. He looks in good shape to me, focused, he wants to progress and that's what we'll try and help him to do”.

“He deserves to play like the rest of the guys and he'll get a chance. We'll see when that comes. He's a quality player and the only issue has been his injury problems since he's been here. He's given it his best shot and he's an interesting player”.