Las escuelas de baloncesto de la Fundación celebraron la primera jornada en valores

The Foundation's basketball schools celebrated the first values session

NEWS | 08/03/2021

The first three sessions will focus on the value of teamwork.
The participants of the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports basketball schools this weekend enjoyed their first session on values. As in the rest of the Foundation's social sports activities, the sessions have been adapted to ensure safe sanitary conditions and the teams are configured according to the training groups of each school.
This season, the sessions are held at the Ideo school and 3 vs 3 matches are played, maintaining subgroups of six, as in their weekly activities. Each day is aimed at working on one of the specific values promoted by the Real Madrid Foundation, in this case, team spirit, equality and motivation. A final ranking based on respect is drawn up by category, taking into account the number of white cards obtained per team.

800 pupils from the social sports and adapted schools are taking part.

Each team will play three rounds of matches and, once all the schools have competed in the round of matches assigned to a value, a ranking is given for each value by category among the 800 participants from the social sports and adapted schools. The matches have specific rules following the philosophy of the Fundación Real Madrid For a REAL education: Values and sport and the manual Initiation to Valorcesto, to promote positive values through sport. The days have been held with the support and collaboration of the Madrid City Council since last season.
Health protocols
In the same way as in training sessions, these sessions on values maintain the health safety protocol and the guidelines of the relevant authorities. The disinfection of hands, the use of masks, the cleaning of sports equipment and the taking of temperatures are some of the measures to ensure that children continue to enjoy sport and its values in a safe and risk-free environment.