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Zidane: “We’re happy to have Cristiano Ronaldo back”

NEWS | 19/09/2017

"Against Betis, we will try to play with intensity from the beginning to the end", said the coach.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media in the press room at Real Madrid City to analyse Wednesday's game against Betis, corresponding to matchweek five of the league season (10pm CEST): "We’re happy to have Cristiano Ronaldo back. I hope it's the last time we’re without him. He looks happy, very happy, because he likes to play, to be with the group and his teammates. Tomorrow he's back at the Santiago Bernabéu and every players likes that".
"I think that stats speak for themselves when we’re talking about what Cristiano contributes. There’s almost no player in the world who gets as many goals and as decisive ones as him and Messi. That’s what makes the difference. It's going to be difficult for him to improve on those impressive statistics but he's ambitious and I wouldn’t be surprised".
Match against Betis
"I want the same concentration and intensity we had at Anoeta, and the players also want to repeat the performance against Real Sociedad, playing with intensity from the beginning to the end. It's what we're going to try to do tomorrow. We’re very concerned about the intensity because if we put it in, we can cause any team problems. It’s the start of the season and I know that Betis play good football, along the lines of the philosophy of the coach. They’ve got good players and we’re expecting a difficult match tomorrow".
Scoring run
"It means that the team is working. We want to score in order to win and as a result we’ll continue this phenomenal run. It’s the players that deserve the credit and hopefully they carry on like this as they are aware of what they’re doing. We don’t go out thinking that we’re winning 1-0 in every game, it would be dangerous, but we know that we’re able to score at any time. That's the idea we have for tomorrow's game".

We expect a difficult game against Betis, they are a side that play good football.

"When there is space, Bale can do damage to any team with his speed. We saw it in the goal at Anoeta. But technically he is very good and can play in any situation, without spaces too, because he’s very able. He’s good on the ball and playing in tight spaces. He’s very complete. We have to be patient with him. When everything is ok, he’s very good. He needed time and little by little we are seeing it”.
"I don’t know why they whistled. This stadium has whistled everyone without exception. But it’s not a problem. It's part of a players career, sometimes it's good to see that you're not doing things right, although I don’t think it's Bale's case. I say it from my own experience, because it makes you want to do better in the next match".
"He can play in various positions. Technically he’s good with the ball and he’s smart enough to play in several positions on the field. He looks good to me, fitting in with the dynamic of the team. We are at the beginning of the season, it’s long and the good thing is that he’s working very well. The other day he played a little and he will have the opportunity to play more and do well".
"I’m not worried that he’s played so many minutes. He’s prepared and physically strong. He can play a lot of games, although he’ll not play in them all because it’s not possible. We’ll see, but at the moment he is in good shape and can continue playing".
League motivation
"LaLiga is the most difficult league in the world and that’s why it’s more special to win. I remember saying that my happiest day was after winning the league. The Champions League is also very important, but the players know that our day to day is the league and it’s the most beautiful and most complicated”.
"I feel good at Real Madrid. Renewing isn’t important. I’m looking at the day to day and I’m not looking any further than that".
Consistency away from home
"I don’t have an explanation. If we drop points at home and win away and in the end we win the league, I’ll take that".