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Las escuelas de la Fundación en Australia se reúnen en un torneo

Foundation schools in Australia come together for a tournament

NEWS STORY. 27/07/2023

It was held at Warrawong High School, home of the Wollongong school.

The beneficiaries of the socio-sports school in Wellington travelled to Wollongong for the first time to participate in a friendly tournament at the headquarters of the socio-sports school, Warrawong High School. The beneficiaries of this project, which is implemented in two public secondary schools in collaboration with the Department of Education of the State of New South Wales (Australia), were able to enjoy a day of socialising.

Educational focus
The tournament, like those held at national level, has an educational approach to put the teachings to the test and to internalise and practice team values. The aim is to promote respect, equality, companionship, motivation for effort and responsible autonomy, among others. In addition, the young people had the opportunity to enjoy the beach and carry out different recreational activities in a location suited to integration.
Flagship project
Since its inauguration two seasons ago, the social sports project at Warrawong High School has become the cornerstone of its study support programme for students in difficulty. Boys and girls of more than thirty different nationalities have participated in the school's training and educational activities. For its part, Wellington High School, despite the difficulties in reaching the number of beneficiaries achieved before the pandemic, is implementing various strategies to motivate students to get involved in the project, such as participating in this socio-sports tournament.