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El equipo de la Fundación Real Madrid participa en la tercera fase de LaLiga Genuine

Real Madrid Foundation team participates in the third phase of LaLiga Genuine

NEWS STORY. 16/04/2023

On this occasion, sixteen participants from the inclusive and adapted schools played against Córdoba, Real Betis Balompié and UD Las Palmas.

Through its Foundation, Real Madrid has participated in the LaLiga Genuine Santander this season. This is a social integration initiative that LaLiga is running with its foundation and which involves a football tournament comprising teams of people with learning disabilities. After the second stage in Barcelona and Bilbao, the competition was back with Celta, the host team for the weekend, who were celebrating their centenary.
On 15 and 16 April, some 350 players turned up at the A Madroa sports complex to compete in the 33 matches of this stage of the competition. The teams were divided into three groups, on Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning, and they had the opportunity to represent their respective teams. Sixteen representatives from the Real Madrid Foundation's inclusive and adapted schools came to take part in a competition where values are paramount. This tournament is very much like the socio-sports competitions that the Foundation holds at Real Madrid City, with sporting and fair play awards. On this occasion, the Real Madrid Foundation team took on Cordoba, Real Betis and UD Las Palmas.
Beneficiaries with different abilities
The Real Madrid Foundation's projects reach 430 beneficiaries with different intellectual abilities or functional diversity in adapted and inclusive socio-sports schools, for those with general developmental disorder, Down's syndrome or autism spectrum disorder, among others. The purpose is to create equal opportunities for access to quality educational sport.