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La Fundación Real Madrid retomó los clínics en Japón

Real Madrid Foundation reopens clinics in Japan

NEWS STORY. 24/08/2022

Over 150 children have enjoyed this summer's training sessions run by the Wakatake Group.

The Real Madrid Foundation was back in Japan this summer to run its clinics after a break of more than two years due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. The clinics were organised in conjunction with Wakatake Group in three cities: Mie, Saga and Tokyo, located at different geographical points across the country. The purpose is to inspire those boys and girls with an educational experience combining the didactic methodology based on core values during the Foundation's sessions with the technical-tactical background of Real Madrid's youth academy.
There were 163 participants in total and each clinic lasted three days at each venue. The Tokyo clinic was hosted at the Foundation's football school in Harumi, as part of a partnership between the Wakatake Group and Global Football Management.

During his speech, Joel Santos Boedo, director of Wakatake Group, the Foundation's partner in Japan, said: "These clinics pursue three objectives: sports training, the teaching of the Foundation's and the club's core values, and growth and development to ensure their continuity. The clinics are characterised by the training in the positive values of sport, as are all the activities run by the Real Madrid Foundation in the field of education. Through the participation in sport, healthy habits can be created both on and off the pitch while improving skills as they enjoy playing their favourite sport".