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Paralympic medallist Teresa Perales takes part in day three of White Week

NEWS STORY. 11/05/2022. Mireia Jiménez

Chus Bueno, vice-president of NBA Europe, Africa and Middle East, was another participant.

Teresa Perales, winner of 27 medals at the Paralympic Games and winner of the Princesa de Asturias de los Deportes 2021, took part in the third day of White Week for the students at the Real Madrid Universidad Europea School. In the event moderated by Emilio Butragueño, the athlete discussed self-improvement as a way of life: “When one door closes, if you want it to, one thousand open. After I lost my mobility and passed through a period of adaptation, I threw myself in at the deep end -literally- and started enjoying myself. I miss walking, but I can live without it and I have won other much better things that make up for it easily. It's all helped me grow".

“The silver medal I won in Tokyo is my most special because it has so much history behind it. Three months before it I dislocated my shoulder and I thought it would be impossible to compete in those Games. I was swimming just with one arm for a month and a half and once I got to Tokyo my shoulder was coming out of place constantly but I put it back in and kept training. Nobody gave me a chance but a week before competing I knew I was going to fight for a medal. I loved being able to say, 'I told you so', to all the people who had told me I couldn't".

New projects
“In Spain there aren't many clubs that support a section for adapted sport. In September I'm presenting the Teresa Perales Foundation and one of the main goals is to facilitate the administrative route for clubs so they can learn what they need to do to bring these types of projects to fruition". 

A look at the NBA from Chus Bueno
The vice-president of NBA Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Chus Bueno, spoke to the students about the functioning of the North American Basketball League: "The NBA's mission as a brand is to inspire and connect people around the world through the power of basketball. We have the duty to make games better, help the fans enjoy the game more, and to develop players' talent. Of course there is also an important business side, but it's 50/50”.

“Today, if you generate the right content you can be present absolutely anywhere. We know fans are different in each region and the value of the NBA brand isn't the same everywhere. That's why we select the most relevant content for each area and try to segment our audience as much as possible. The biggest challenges in the future will be related to the digital space, there are lots of people working on it”.

Sports sponsorship
Eduardo Mulet, director general of Abbott Spain and Portugal, and Álvaro Vitores, director of Partnership Activation at Real Madrid, delivered a speech on the recent and innovative union between the healthcare product provider and Real Madrid. “The two companies share similar values, we're identified with a hunger to win, integrity and the sense of urgency at this club. Together, we try to find a way to provide something for society”, reflected Mulet.
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Day three of White Week also saw the participation of Francisco Panadero,  Real Madrid's director of Infrastructure and Cultural Development, which looked at the maintenance and development of the club's heritage assets.