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Two Foundation and Epicenter for children schools in Ukraine converted into a food collection and distribution centre to support families

NEWS STORY. 13/04/2022

The "Everyone with Ukraine" campaign continues to help provide essential aid to the displaced people.

The Real Madrid Foundation and Epicenter for children's social sports schools in Ternopil and Khmelnitsky (Ukraine) are still open six weeks after the invasion. These are the Foundation's only ones of the seven social sports schools in Ukraine that are still open, converting their activity into food collection and help for the beneficiaries' families (socially disadvantaged families).
The beneficiaries of these projects who are still with their families in the country (half of the families have moved to safer areas) have not been able to leave their homes since the last week of March. Classes and telematic sessions have continued in order to provide them with the social and sporting spirit and to teach them the values of sport, something that can help them in times of war, and improve their emotional state.
Four hundred families now have access to this tool containing activities that strengthen the psychological support of the beneficiaries. Epicentr K, sponsor of the social sports schools, also uses its lorries to transport essential aid and food throughout Ukraine and provides access to supermarkets so that families can collect basic necessities.
Support for families
The basic needs of all of the families are being provided through humanitarian support, along with 24-hour professional psychosocial support. Displaced people have also been provided with accommodation in Ternopil as well as logistical support from the evacuation areas to the Polish borders. All families in Irpin are evacuated as of today. In particular, nine families from Kiev were assisted with evacuation and the delivery of food. Work is also underway with the Red Cross to assist in the organisation of the 10 families that will arrive in Spain in the coming weeks.
In Romania, CESAL is working with FDP, both Foundation partners
The Foundation launched the "Everyone with Ukraine" campaign on 4 March in order to help meet the basic humanitarian needs of the displaced population of over 10 million people, together with the Red Cross, UNHCR, CESAL and Epicenter for children. As part of the campaign, Real Madrid has donated one million euros. It has also donated warm clothes, sportswear and sports and educational material for the Ukrainian refugee population in Red Cross and CESAL centres in Spain. The Red Cross centres in Madrid, where resources have been provided to assist refugees, will soon be visited.
The NGO CESAL sent some of its staff from Spain to Isaccea, a town of 5,000 residents situated on the border with Ukraine, working together with the local authorities and with the Foundation's partner in Romania, the FDP-Protagonists in Education Foundation. The situation and the most urgent needs were evaluated during the visit to this area with a view to further work on humanitarian assistance and to help the people fleeing from the war in Ukraine. Food deliveries are being strengthened at this border crossing by setting up a logistical support point to address the needs of the families who are leaving their homes behind.