Fundación Real Madrid

Endesa renews its collaboration deal with the Real Madrid Foundation's schools in Spain, Portugal and Morocco

NEWS STORY. 29/10/2021

Emilio Butragueño and José Bogas, CEO of Endesa, were present at Real Madrid City for an event chaired by Enrique Sánchez.

Endesa has renewed its collaboration agreement with the Real Madrid Foundation's social sports, adapted and inclusive schools in Spain, Portugal and Morocco. The alliance between the two entities is now in its twelfth successive year, more than a decade of ensuring young people have access to sports and values regardless of their background. During this time, the collaboration has gone through a series of phases, and now in the 2021/22 campaign, it covers adapted and inclusive basketball projects in Spain, football and basketball schools in Portugal (in collaboration with the Salesian Missions) and football projects in Morocco (alongside Paideia).

For yet another year, Endesa's support has been particularly valuable in Spain's adapted basketball schools for people with different abilities, which benefit over 245 children and young people, who, without these kinds of projects, would have no access to a sporting education.

Endesa CEO José Bogas stated: “We could not be prouder of, and in particular, more thankful for the work that the Real Madrid Foundation does. Their schools provide vital support to the lives of children with disabilities, a hugely important role in the wellbeing of both the young people themselves and their families. These agreements allow us to rise to the huge responsibility which comes with being a great company. Our support goes beyond professional basketball and reaches all young people involved with the sport".

Emilio Butragueño highlighted the sense of sustainability which permeates Endesa's corporate culture, reflected in their environmental and economic outlook, as well as their "social and sporting support which demonstrated their genuine, long-term commitment to people".