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La Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid-Universidad Europea firma un acuerdo con Stevens Institute of Technology

Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea signs agreement with Stevens Institute of Technology

NEWS | 20/05/2021

The programme is the first of its kind to offer students the chance to secure two-degree programs in sports technologies, one from a US university and the other from a Spanish institution.
The Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea and the Stevens Institute of Technology have signed a collaboration agreement to promote technological training with the field of sport. The aim of the agreement is to provide students with practical, in-depth knowledge about how to operate and make the most of the latest technological tools used in sport, including data analytics to virtual reality, blockchain and geolocalisation and exploiting the tools to the full.

The agreement seeks to respond to the need for qualified professionals to be trained in new technology and to meet the sports industry's current demand for candidates with such profiles. Thanks to this link-up, students will be able to secure two master’s degrees in 12 or 24 months: an MBA, a master’s in Business Intelligence & Analytics or the master’s in Information Systems, all awarded by the Stevens Institute; and a master’s in Sports Technologies and Digital Transformation from the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea.

First edition
The Stevens Institute of Technology will deliver the core modules in each of its programmes, whilst the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea will offer five modules. The programme will begin in August 2021 and be delivered in English. Students will get the opportunity to receive training in two countries and in two unique cities in New Jersey and its Hoboken campus and Madrid, where they will spend five weeks and will attend the Semana Blanca (White Week).


Emilio Butragueño, the general director of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea commented that: “This agreement reinforces our commitment to providing students an international education of the highest quality with pioneering institutions in their respective sectors, as is the case of the Stevens Institute of Technology”.

In the same vein, Gregory Prastacos, Dean of the School of Business at Stevens Institute of Technology, says that: “We are delighted to work with Real Madrid, one of the most renowned clubs in the world of sports, and offer these two-degrees programs with Universidad Europea. As technology and analytics transform the sports industry, these programs will prepare our students with exciting and innovative opportunities in an ever-changing environment.”

Real Madrid experience
Those who take this degree program can take part in the Semana Blanca (White Week), an annual event for students in which leading figures from the sports industry participate. The can also take advantage of professional internships through Real Madrid Next, the new Real Madrid innovation brand, which includes the collaboration of start-ups and businesses that seek improved sports-related and economic performance, benefits and solidity for the Club, focusing on six key areas: e-health, performance, fan participation, creation of audiovisual content, cybersecurity and technology and social infrastructures.

The programme will also give students the chance to visit the club’s facilities and come into contact with professionals and leaders in the fields of sport and new technology, offering unique opportunities for international networking. The course will be run in an environment that stimulates the students’ entrepreneurial spirit thanks to the specialist advice that will enable them to launch their own business venture.