Semana blanca: Marcelo

Marcelo features in second day of Real Madrid Graduate School-European University's Semana Blanca

NEWS | 18/05/2021

"Real Madrid is the best club in the world and representing this crest all over the world is a major responsbility", commented the Brazilian.
Marcelo took part in the second day of Real Madrid Graduate School-European University's Semana Blanca. During the event, which was moderated by Emilio Butragueño, the madridista wing-back commented: "There'll always be pressure at Real Madrid, it's the greatest club in the world. When people come up against this club, everyone wants to perform as best as they possibly can. Pressure is part and parcel of a footballer's life. You have to win games and trophies. But that's something we handle with joy. We really want to play and learn things every day".

"I've won a lot in my life and will always be grateful. I've been lucky enough to play in finals, but I've also lost some important games. When you fall, you learn to get up again. Thanks to God, I know what it means to win and the taste of victory is so impressive. It's what makes me get up every day with the desire to improve".

Final LaLiga run-in
"We had a really tough game and we managed to get the win. We're in with a chance of lifting the title, although it's not in our hands. We know what we have to do and we head into the last day with a chance. We'll have to go out and show real confidence and look to win it".

There'll always be pressure at Real Madrid, but we handle it with joy.

“There are many people at this club who teach you new things every day. If there’s one thing that I’m grateful for it’s to be part of the history of the best club in the world. Being a club captain isn’t just about wearing the armband, you’ve also got to help the new signings out. You’ve also got to represent this crest whenever you go all over the world. Even when I go to Brazil, I’m representing this crest and it’s a major responsibility”.

Youth academy
“When I joined the club, I had the chance to see the academy and almost played for one of the teams. I can see how they treat the children and I love it. I knew that Madrid was a really big club and I was touched by the spirit of the academy. My son is really excited and he always comes to training with great joy”.

Second day
The second day of the Semana Blanca also featured talks from Abián Perdomo, the academy’s head of training and methodology; Víctor Alfaro, director general of Podoactiva and first-team podologist; and José López Chicharro, professor in Exercise Physiology at Madrid’s Universidad Complutense and a member of the Real Madrid medical department.