Semana blanca: Laso

Laso: "At this club you've always got to give your all and get better every day"

NEWS | 17/05/2021

The coach took part in the opening day of the Real Madrid Graduate School-European University's Semana Blanca (White Week).
Pablo Laso was one of the special guests on the first day of the Semana Blanca (White Week) who addressed the Real Madrid Graduate School-European University's students. During the event, which was moderated by Emilio Butragueño, the coach of the basketball first team gave a presentation entitled: The power of values to achieve the impossible: “We’ve got the football team playing for the LaLiga title and the same goes for the basketball team. We have to accept Real Madrid’s values and appreciate them. When you’re in a situation that demands everything of you is when you have to give your all and Real Madrid is a fine example of that”.

“Real Madrid is a successful brand. If we look back at recent years and the win percentage in football and basketball, it’s extremely high. The team has to compete, which is what people ask of you. Real Madrid fans like to win, that’s obvious, but what they don’t understand is when you don’t give your all. You’ve got to have those values and value them. In the time that I’ve been a coach that’s something I’ve tried to pass on right from day one”.

Hunger for success
“Winning is the most special feeling. You play to win and that feeling should motivate you to go out and win the next game. We’ve got no doubts about that at Real Madrid and the players share that feeling. We’re not satisfied and our duty has to be to give our all. I think that this mentality remains in place over time and you have to show the ambition to be competitive and get better every day. I’m lucky enough to be at a great club that transmits that and demands it of you”.

Real Madrid is a successful brand.

“Talent and hard work go hand-in-hand. In working groups, like in football and basketball teams, not everyone has the same work ethic, but everyone has a talent that can make you a better team. That should be what it’s like for a team that wants to win things. You’ve got to have talent and work hard to be at Real Madrid. Talent is so important in any situation in life, but without the desire to work hard, make sacrifices and put in effort, it won’t be enough to win”.

Learnings from unique situation
“It has been a really tough situation. Everyone has been through a lot on a personal level and the world has experienced something that nobody could have expected. What I take away from it is that my team has been consistent. We’ve won 32 of our 34 games in the league, how could I possibly not be proud? Regardless of the difficulties, you have to be consistent in your work”.

Opening day
The opening day of the Semana Blanca event also featured presentations from Jorge Vilda, coach of Spain Women and director of women’s football at the Spanish Football Federation; David Aznar, coach of Real Madrid Women; and Chus Bueno, vice-president of NBA Europe, Africa and Middle East.