La escuela de la Fundación en Calcuta retoma las sesiones con el nuevo año

Sessions at Foundation's Kolkata school up and running in new year

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NEWS | 14/01/2021

The project, led by the IIMC and with the support of Roadis, caters for 200 children and families living in extreme poverty.
The Real Madrid Foundation's socio-sporting school in Kolkata, run in conjunction with the Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) and the support of Roadis, resumed its activities in the new year following several months in which IIMC's focus has been on the battle against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To mark the start of 2021, Dr Sujit Sumar, president of IIMC and a Real Madrid Foundation social partner in India over the past 10 years, issued a message of hope and resilience, highlighting the importance of learning what really matters in life: "2020 taught us about patience, adapting, empathy, love for others and to live with even less than we had before, but by being all together, united and helping others. As we face up to the challenges of 2021, we must learn from what we've been through".

The Real Madrid Foundation has being running eight projects in India since 2011.

The socio-sporting school in Kheadah (Kolkata) was the Foundation's first permanent project in the Asian continent and was launched in 2011. The school's efforts through educational sporting activities supplement the tremendous work carried out by IIMC in the areas of healthcare, nutrition and education for over 9,000 people each year who live in extreme poverty in this rural area in southern Kolkata.

A decade's cooperation 
The Real Madrid Foundation has overseen eight projects in India since 2011 in collaboration with the NGO Fundación Esperanza y Alegría and the IIMC. A total of over 8,000 children have directly benefited from the involvement of the Real Madrid Foundation and its partners in India during the past decade.