Rueda de prensa de Zidane

Zidane: "This squad has a lot of talent and heart"

NEWS | 03/10/2020 | Alberto Navarro

"Levante are strong opposition and we'll be made to suffer, but we're ready", declared the boss.
Zinedine Zidane spoke to the media in an online press conference in the build-up to Sunday’s LaLiga clash with Levante at the Estadio de la Cerámica (4pm CET): “I'm lucky enough to be here and that’s why I make the most of every day. I'm always positive and don't see things in a very negative light, even when the going gets tough. We don't like it when players are out with injury, but we’ve got to accept it and we can't be looking for excuses. My squad has a lot of talent, but a lot of heart as well. Sometimes things become tough, but if we work together we can achieve some very special things. That's what we’re going to be doing, despite the difficulties”.

“This is our third away game and we're up against really tough opponents. We already saw that last season. We know just how tough this league is and we want to put in a good performance throughout the whole 90 minutes. We’re going to have to dig in for certain spells during the game, but we're ready”.
Character of the squad
“When we're out on the pitch, we have to perform and show what we can do. We can't control anything else. One thing that we can control is making sure we're together and strong in the tough times. We have to be strong together and keep going”.

Squad rotation
“Explaining things to the players isn't a waste of time. I've always done the same thing. I've got a squad of 23 or 24 players and if you're looking to win trophies and play over 60 games we’re going to need all of them. That's the approach that many coaches take nowadays. Players used to play 30 or 35 matches, but they’re now playing over 60”.

By working together we can achieve some very special things.

“It’s perfectly normal that they want to play every game, but you’ve got to speak to the players and explain that to them. Rotating the squad is something I do for the good of the squad and the dynamics in our training sessions, so that the players are committed to what I want. There’s nothing more to it than that. It's part and parcel of a coach's job”.

“He's an important player and that's always been the case. He now has to get back to 100% in every aspect. Everything’s in place for him to have a great season, I'm convinced of that. He's got the ability to score goals and we know all about his attributes. He's a very direct player and that's what I ask of him, that he looks to score every time he takes to the pitch”.

“All he wants is to play and show what he can do. His personality is such that he fears nothing and I like that. Every time he takes to the pitch he tries to perform well”.

 Injuries to right-backs
“We're not pleased with what’s happened to [Álvaro] Odriozola and [Dani] Carvajal, but we can't go looking for excuses and other players will come in and play. I don't like injuries, but it's something that can happen. We must be patient. When you're a player, being injured is the worst thing”.

Hazard’s road to recovery
“I'm positive with him. It's a muscle injury he picked up after working really hard to return. He's now doing fine in terms of the injury and let's hope that continues to be the case”.

“He's an excellent player and one day he’ll perhaps be able to play for Real Madrid, but this is the squad we’ve got at the moment and my only concern is about the players who are currently here. After 5 October you’ll no longer be asking me these questions”.