Los clinics de la Fundación Real Madrid vuelven a activarse este verano en Europa

The Real Madrid Foundation's clinics will be up and running again this summer in Europe

NEWS | 31/07/2020

More than 6,000 children in six countries will benefit from the collaboration with Kohfahl Ballstrategien.
The Real Madrid Foundation continues to work to gradually bring back its sport-educational and social activities wherever possible. This summer, in addition to the campuses, the Foundation will resume its clinics in the USA and Europe, combining technical improvement with learning the positive values of team sports and madridismo.

Six European countries will host up to 150 clinics organized by the Real Madrid Foundation and Kohfahl Ballstrategien, which, as in the campuses, will be working to health safety protocols and prevention measures against COVID-19. In these clinics, in addition to the masks and permanent disinfection, technological elements such as radio frequency identification, bracelets and evaluations in applications to reduce contact points will be used.
150 clinics in Europe
Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom will once again hold Foundation clinics this summer, thanks to the collaboration with the operator Kohfahl Ballstrategien, a partner of the Foundation since 2014, and the support of adidas. In total, 6,750 children, most of whom belong to teams that have already started, will be able to learn values by training and improving their technical and tactical skills this summer at the 150 clinics that have been organised.

Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium and the United Kingdom will host Foundation clinics.

The Foundation hopes to be able to resume activities in these same countries from October onwards, both in clinics and in socio-sporting schools in Italy and the United Kingdom, and as in all the programmes that the Foundation is currently developing, they will be adapted to small groups in accordance with the requirements of the health authorities.
The Foundation's clinics are less than a week long and have top-level content, designed for children's teams who want to improve specific aspects of their game, strengthen team spirit and experience a high-level training environment. They use the methodology of the youth academy, associated with the positive and educational values transmitted by the Foundation's methodology. The benefits of these training and game improvement activities will contribute to the sustainability of the Foundation's socio-sporting projects in Eastern European countries.