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Reyes: "We've shown ourselves to be a team of champions"

NEWS | 19/06/2018

"It has been a historic and tough year, but the team has come out stronger for it", declared Llull.
The members of the basketball roster expressed their satisfaction after securing the league  title at the Buesa Arena. Team captain, Felipe Reyes, reflected on the triumph in the following terms: "We're really happy. We came to Vitoria to win both games and we've shown ourselves to be a team of champions against great opposition in the shape of Baskonia".

"I want the fans to know that this league title is for them because it has been a season in which we've had some tough times. We dedicate both titles to them because without them, we wouldn't have won them".

Llull: "It has been a historic year"
"The team has grown when it has had to overcome every obstacle in our way and produced two massive performances in Vitoria. What we've seen here is a Madrid team that never gives up and that enjoys its basketball. It has been a historic year, a tough one, but the team has come out stronger for it. We managed to win the EuroLeague and end the campaign with the league title. What I take away with me are the trophies we've won with Reyes, the best captain a team could wish for".

Carroll: "The team deserves it"
"The team deserves it because we've fought hard all season. In this final game, Rudy and Ayón were outstanding and Campazzo played well. We did enough as a team to win the game. We've won the EuroLeague and the league and we can't ask for any more. We learned from our first defeat about how to play against Baskonia, which is a great team". 

Campazzo: "This team doesn't depend on any one player"
"Baskonia forced us to always perform at 100%. They have real quality, but we showed our desire to be successful to win the EuroLeague and the league. This team doesn't depend on any one player and we've proved that".

Campazzo: "We felt the fans' support in every game".

"I worked very hard to meet the standards required at Real Madrid and am really happy. We've got to thank all of the madridistas who've supported us because we felt their support in every game and this title is also theirs".

Tavares: "It has been a tremendous season"
"I'm really happy. We worked really hard to be champions and Baskonia made things very difficult for us, but we've pulled it off. It has been a tremendous season. There were some people who were critical of my signing, but I've put the work in and everything has worked out well and I'm really pleased".

Doncic: "It has been the season of my life"
"I'm speechless. It has been the season of my life. It's incredible. After the first game, Baskonia made things very difficult for us and the team came together and worked hard to clinch the league title".

Causeur: "This league title is down to the work put in throughout the whole year"
"This league title is down to the work put in throughout the whole year. It has been a great and very long season, with 83 competitive matches. It has gone very quickly and I'm really pleased at having won this league title. Playing with teammates like these makes winning titles so much easier. What I take away with me are the two trophies we've won and the work put in day in, day out".

Ayón: "This is a really great team"
"This is a really great team, with a lot of heart and a real desire to achieve success every year. We're an incredible group of players and are winners, despite facing adversity. We won the two games in Vitoria and that's no mean feat. The work put in over the 40 minutes and the intensity we showed is what gets you results. Every single player gives their all on the court and brings things to the team. The key to this season has been the team and the intensity that we've performed with".


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