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El Real Madrid de baloncesto ofreció la 34ª Liga de baloncesto

Real Madrid parade the league trophy to the madridistas


NEWS | 20/06/2018

The squad, the coaching staff and the Board of Directors visited the Town Hall and the Community of Madrid building.
Real Madrid paraded the 34th Basketball league trophy around the Madrid institutions a day after lifting the trophy in the Buesa Arena. The squad and the technical staff, together with President Florentino Pérez and the Board of Directors, visited the Town Hall and the Community of Madrid building.
The team departed from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium to the Palacio de Cibeles, the seat of the City Council. The mayor, Manuela Carmena, welcomed the champions and congratulated them. Florentino Pérez and Felipe Reyes gave her a replica of the trophy and two dedicated t-shirts and she corresponded with some commemorative chocolate medals. The Whites’ president spoke: "Real Madrid basketball continues to make history. This team, with coach Pablo Laso at the helm, has once again demonstrated that there are no unattainable challenges. Here is the 34th league rounding off another magical season with the double included".
"Dear mayor, this league title, the 34th, is another triumph that we offer to the city of Madrid and to supporter that have pushed us at every moment. Thank you for allowing us to share this new title and the joy and emotions with all the people of Madrid, the pride of all madridistas".
Carmena: "We love that you keep winning"
"I want to thank you for being such an extraordinary team. You make us change the agenda continuously but we modify it with pleasure because we love that you keep winning, and we have a constant pride in a team like this. Every time someone comes from outside we talk about the great teams that the city of Madrid has and specifically yours, the basketball team".
Rodríguez Uribes: "My first official act could not start better"
"It's my first official act and it could not start better. I’m fond of basketball and Real Madrid. Finding myself here in this act fills me with satisfaction and I hope you continue to have to change the schedule. Congratulations from the heart".
Reyes: "I said we would return and we stick to our word"
"Thank you, mayor, for the reception. I said a month ago that we would return and we stick to our word. We’re here with another title, which has been very difficult to win. A very tough season, with lots of injuries and many obstacles that we have managed to overcome. And thanks to the whole team and the coaching staff. We’re very happy, it’s the last visit of this season but we hope that the next one we can return to change your schedule".

Florentino Pérez: “Real Madrid basketball continues to make history”.

After the ceremony at the City Hall, the Whites went to the Real Casa de Correos, headquarters of the Community of Madrid, where President Ángel Garrido was waiting for them. There was another exchange of gifts. Florentino Pérez and Felipe Reyes gave him a replica of the trophy and two dedicated t-shirts. The president of the Community corresponded with a commemorative plaque. One of the most anticipated moments came when the players took to the balcony to offer the title to the madridistas.
Florentino Pérez: "This league title is the fruit of an immense sacrifice"
"This league is also the fruit of an immense sacrifice. In a season of innumerable adversities, some of these players have had very important injuries and have had the courage and sacrifice to get up again".
"This is a team, as we always say, that never gives up, that sacrifices due to their humility and they don’t tire of winning. And they are proud to represent the Community of Madrid in all parts of the world. A team that has been forged in the values ​​of our club and that thrills millions of Real Madrid fans".
Ángel Garrido: "You are one of the best brands for the Community of Madrid"
"It’s a pleasure to welcome you here, at starting point of world sport. A few days ago you promised to return and you have fulfilled that promise. You’re the best, in capital letters the big ones. You have 34 leagues and as president of the Community I could not be prouder. A squad that is the envy of half the world, integrating and respectful and that in each game demonstrates what it is to be a team. You’re one of the best brands for the Community of Madrid and Spain".
Reyes: "An historic year for the club"
"Who would have told us that we were going to come twice during the year to celebrate two titles like the Euroleague and the league. A year that started with injuries but after a difficult season we managed to overcome those obstacles and reach the end in the best possible conditions to compete and lift these two titles. It's an historic year for the club. I want to congratulate Florentino for being the president of the only club in the world that is European champion in football and basketball during the same year and to thank him for the unconditional support for basketball. Without him none of the successes would be possible".


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