Acto de renovación de Varane

Varane: “Retiring here would be a real dream come true”

NEWS | 28/09/2017

“I want to keep improving so that I can continue to wear this great shirt”, he told the press.
Raphaël Varane answered questions from an array of journalists in the Santiago Bernabéu press room. The Real Madrid defender expressed his satisfaction at having extended his contract until the 30th June 2022: “I'm ecstatic, this is a great day for me. My career with Real Madrid has been brilliant so far and I want it to keep on. I've enjoyed being able to play for Real Madrid. I am lucky and I want to keep playing here. I hope we can keep on lifting trophies”.
“It would be amazing if I could retire at this club, truly magnificent. I have had a great career here so far but retiring here would be a real dream come true. I am working hard every day and want to keep improving, evolving, so that I can continue to wear this great shirt”.

“I never set any limits for myself and always try to learn from the best. There are some legendary players playing here and I want to learn from them. It's those players that strengthen us and if I can follow their example then I can lead younger players who follow on from me in later years. I have the club's unwavering faith in me and I really want to keep moving forward as a player”.

His career at the club
“I have had a mix of both moments of elation and real challenges. I wouldn't change a moment of it and the things I've been through here have made me stronger. I want to keep having great moments over the next few years, just like those great nights I've been part of up until now”.

What have you learned at Real Madrid?
"I have learned a great deal. This club is huge and every season is a challenge for us. I'm definitely a more well-rounded player now that when I was 18. You have to be able to cope with real challenges to be at this level and comply with the aims that the club has. So many legends have been forged here and I can’t wait to continue my career at the club".

Zidane has been vital for me and I don't think there is anyone better than him around.

“He has been vital for me. He helped me in the very early days and now as the manager he guides me every single day. I'm so thankful for his help and his advice which helps me improve. He is the kind of person who, when he speaks, everyone listens, because there is so much respect for him. He has gone from being a great player to a great manager. I'm fortunate to be able to learn from him every single day. He tries to help me using his experience and the little details he tells me sometimes make a real difference, helping me to better myself. I'm really lucky to be able to work with someone like him. I don't think there is anyone better than him around.”

Zidane's first call
“The first time the boss called me. my head was swimming with all kinds of things and I actually had to ask him in the nicest way possible to please call me later on. When he did, the first advice he gave me was to not let my own character and ambition waiver. He told me to keep on being the person I am and that I should work hard with the idea of improving each day. I think that is advice that can work for all kinds of people, because with hard work and being yourself, you really can achieve things”.

The squad
“We have a really competitive squad and some tremendously talented and experienced players. We can play well, keep possession or striking on the counter attack. I'm not sure if this is the best squad I've ever been in, but I think we have what it takes to go down in the history of this club. The aim is to win titles, and I really hope we can deliver on that”.

Praise for Cristiano Ronaldo
“He is the kind of player that, if you love the sport, you can't help but admire him because he is a fantastic player given what he has done and continues to do. You really have to tip your hat to players like him. His numbers speak volumes. It’s hard to criticise him”.

His arrival in Madrid
“I was really young when I arrived here and the fans have always been great with me. I am also really proud of my time at Lens. All of my teammates we're really welcoming when I arrived at Real Madrid and I've always had their support along with the warmth of the fans in the Bernabéu”.

“Physically I'm doing well and I'm working every day at being at my peak. My teammates have faith in me, they support me and know that I always give my all for them. That for me, is what really counts”.