Jesús Vallejo

Vallejo: “Defending the Real Madrid colours is a mix of pride and responsibility”

NEWS | 21/09/2017

The defender was the latest star of Realmadrid TV's 'Campo de estrellas' program.
Jesús Vallejo was the latest player to pay a visit to the Campo de estrellas program on Realmadrid TV. The defender discussed his signing for the Whites: “For me, defending the Real Madrid colours is extremely important, a mixture of pride, for pulling on the shirt of the best club in the world, and at the same time, the responsibility of representing so many people”.
“My next objective is the training session and the match I've got tomorrow. Giving it my best every day will help me to be playing at the highest possible level in the future. I'm relaxed about the whole thing. I try to be myself, look after myself, and train and compete to the full. I look at Varane, Ramos and Nacho in every training session”.
“I started at school playing futsal and we used to train two or three times a week. We didn't register in the first year and I remember I got fed up of not competing at the weekends. Then we signed up to play competitively against people of the same age. It was an incredible group. I played on the wing, right or left, and I used to love it when they played me to run in behind. I then started to play with the older guys”.
“When Real Zaragoza I wasn't too sure. They signed me at 12 years old and you're involved in a professional sporting environment. That's when I started to combine the passion I had for the game, with saying: 'If I can stand out here, do a good job, then who knows, perhaps one day I can be a professional footballer'. More than thinking about making a living, I was focussed on working at what I enjoyed, which is playing football. That's the ultimate”.
First call from Madrid
“They told me of the interest during the Under-19s tournament and I was focussed on the national team, but I thought if I did a good job, maybe I'd have a real chance of going to Real Madrid. I think winning the trophy opened doors for me. I was out with my friends and Zaragoza called to let me know there had been a formal offer and I had the chance to become a Real Madrid player. We all celebrated that night”.

I look at Varane, Ramos and Nacho in every training session.

“We paid a visit to Real Madrid City and they showed us around. What I particularly liked, is when we arrived at the residence and I thought: 'This is where I want to be'. The president also called me to say congratulations and that even if I were to go out on loan, it was still all going ahead”.
“I did the university entrance exam on the same day we were playing Girona at home. I started with Law, but I realised it wasn't for me - I'm all about sport so I registered to study Physical Education and I'm passing everything so far. I always see myself, if not in football itself, certainly in the world of sport”.

“Eintracht got in touch with Madrid and the club recommended that I go to Germany. It took me by surprise, but if Madrid thought it was best for me to go to continue my development, then that was fine. You go on your own and it really helps you to mature. I thought I'd find it more difficult but I made good friendships, especially with the Spanish speakers”.
Madrid presentation
“I was on the train when they told me I was going to be in the Real Madrid first-team squad. You've got to grab these opportunities with both hands because they don't come around every day. I can't remember any one thing from the day of my presentation, but the day in general was amazing. I felt very tense but also absolutely thrilled. It was extraordinary and something to look back on”.
“Zidane called and told me when he wanted me back. It was great to be a part of the tour and get to know my teammates. At first I was nervous to be with guys that I'd seen on the TV, who have been my idols, you never imagine you'll end up sitting next to Ramos in the dressing room. He's been brilliant with me from day one”.
“I remember warming up and watching the game from the side-lines, eager to get on. I had a clear chance to score and I didn't manage to do so but I hope I get another one. You learn a lot from games like the Clásico in Miami. I'm a player who likes to have the ball, bring it out from the back. My strong points are my concentration levels and the fact I read the game well”.