Rudy Fernández

Rudy: “Coming to Real Madrid was a fantastic decision”

NEWS | 28/09/2017

The Whites' player was the latest star of Realmadrid TV's 'Campo de estrellas' program.
Rudy Fernández was the latest star to take part in Campo de estrellas on Realmadrid TV. The forward looked back over some of the most important moments of his life, both as a professional and from a personal point of view: “I'd give a very positive assessment of the years since I arrived here because I've won an awful lot. I've won everything but I'm still hungry to compete and win more titles for Real Madrid”.

“The “lockout” happened and I came to Madrid. Real Madrid showed the most interest in me and it was a fantastic decision to come here. I've had some great years. I came in to a new team, I saw how much they wanted me and I got the feeling I could change Madrid's basketball philosophy and help them to win loads of trophies”.

“I played every day after I'd finished my homework. Sometimes when I hadn't finished as well, and my mum would come and tell me off. My sister and I often used to find a hat, and try and score baskets with a pair of socks. I felt as though basketball had always been a part of me, I played whenever I could, with or without my sister. I learned to walk on a basketball court because we used to go and watch my dad play”.

“It was tough being away from home when I went to Joventut but it's thanks to all that I'm the player that I am today. I had real guts, I was very competitive and I always wanted to win. Even if we were 40 points up, I wanted more and I feel as though that's helped me to get as far as I have in the game. Talent always has a bearing but I've worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices my whole life”.

I'm still hungry to win titles for Real Madrid.

“I made my debut at 17 against Real Madrid at the Saporta and it went so quickly. It was only two or three minutes and it was that moment you see all the work you've done for years pay off, making your debut at a court like it was, the old Madrid ground. When I was 18, Aíto came in and he drove me on, gave me the confidence I needed to play at the top level. In 2007 we were cup champions with Joventut and it was one of the best years of my career". 

“Portland was a different city, it rained a lot. I was there at the same time as Sergio Rodríguez and he helped me with everything. I debuted against the Lakers and it was a great debut from a personal point of view. In the first year I did the Slam Dunk Contest, made promotional videos, sang songs... and I got the most votes. I did the two dunks I could think of, paying tribute to Fernando Martín and I felt like a child on Christmas morning at the All Star. The third season was tough and was poorly managed by the people around me”.

Back injury
“In the second year I got the first back problem, just from an awkward movement, and it's never gone away for the rest of my career. After that I had the first operation on my back and I was out for nearly two months. I had a horrible time, it was really painful, I couldn't sleep. I've had three operations on the same hernia already”.

“This summer I took a break to try and recover properly and be at the best level I could. I have to change my mentality, and it's true that I feel better physically. I'm not concerned from a personal point of view, I always think about the team, and if I can help the team to get back to the level we've shown over the last few years, then fantastic”.


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