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Danilo: “Real Madrid are at the centre of all I remember about football"

NEWS | 08/06/2017

The Whites' defender was the star of the ‘Campo de estrellas’ on Realmadrid TV.
Danilo was the star of the latest edition of Realmadrid TV's program, Campo de estrellas. The Brazilian defender took a look back at his career, from his origins in Brazil, to his arrival at the Whites: “Real Madrid are at the centre of all I remember about football because there are so many Madrid fans in Brazil and there are a lot of Brazilian players who have spent time here. Madrid is always like home for us”.

“It was a dream come true when I arrived at Real Madrid because they're the team I dreamed of ever since I was a kid, where there had been a lot of Brazilians who made history. The welcome I got from Florentino Pérez was very special and as he was showing me around the dressing room, I just knew I was in the right place to achieve great things. It was a surprise to see so many people at my presentation chanting my name”.

“I didn't have to choose between other teams because as soon as they told me Real Madrid were interested I didn't think about anything else. Casemiro was a fundamental part of my signing. We've been friends for a long time, he advised me and told me lots of great things. And I have to thank God for being able to enjoy these moments and be at a team like Real Madrid. In 2013 I was playing at Porto, I came to visit Marcelo and since I didn't know much about Madrid, I talked to my wife and we decided to do the Tour of the Bernabéu. When you get right to the top of the stadium and look down, it's just incredible. When I stood on the pitch I thought about how I could play here one day”.

“It was a dream come true when I arrived at Real Madrid”.

“I made my debut in a pre-season game against Roma, coming on in the second half, we won on penalties and I scored the second. I couldn't wait to play. Madrid is different because people expect not only great players, but players who can make a difference in every play, and that was tough for me. I started working every day to improve and take the pressure off a bit. Marcelo gives me a lot of advice”.

“Zidane is very honest and that's tough to find in a coach. I've got no problem with Carvajal and we talk a lot about the players we have to defend against. There's a lot of reasons I've not reproduced my best form here, but I'm doing my best to find it. And when I get the chance to play I have to try and give my best, which is what I do. If they jeer me, it's because I've got the ability to improve”.

Difficult moments
“I believe strongly in God and in hard work and I think things happen for a reason. It was a difficult time with the own goals because we got knocked out of the Copa del Rey. When that happens, you've got two choices: you can stay at home or go out to work and improve, and I always opt for the latter. Personally, it's been a season with some moments that weren't great, but what makes you strong and a winner is to keep working hard, with absolute dedication as I always do”.