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Nocioni: “It was magical to win the Euroleague with Real Madrid

NEWS | 11/05/2017

The power forward was the star of the latest edition of Real Madrid TV's ‘Campo de estrellas’.
Nocioni was the star of the latest episode of the program Campo de estrellas on Realmadrid TV. The power forward discussed his sporting career and picked out his arrival at the Whites: “I saw that Madrid could be the team for me. I saw a well-equipped team and I knew I could give them something they were lacking. That might sound a bit arrogant but it's how I felt. I really changed my mentality to come to Real Madrid. I considered it an incredible challenge”.
“Madrid seemed like such an incredible organisation. I was surprised by everyday life here, how the people were. I'm not a big football fan but I've got more into it since being at Real Madrid. Organisationally it's one of the best clubs in the world”.
MVP in the Novena final
“I got on to the court frantic and full of energy, but with a calm head. That helped me to play and stand out a bit but I wasn't a clear winner of the MVP. Winning in Europe was something I'd watched on TV. It was magical, felt like I was touching the sky again. I left it late, but I did it. I'd been preparing for it my entire career, I'm very proud to have been part of it”.
“I started playing with my dad, who was a basketball player and always enjoyed it. He sent his kids to the club in the city. To be honest, I was awful up until 11 years old. We only played with Ceci de Gálvez for one year but it made a real impact on my career. That's when they called me for the Santa Fe team and the coach took me to Santo Tomé. Najnudel came to see me and it was he who decided to take me to a Primera División club”.


“When I got to Vitoria I always considered it as my city. I felt the strength of the fans. I remember it as a wonderful experience because we also won the Cup, the League... Real Madrid were trying to get me to go there but then the NBA came up. I felt very important going to be part of the project at Chicago”.
“We changed the face of the Chicago Bulls of previous years, who were dealing with the hangover from Jordan's retirement. I trained with an interpreter and we turned the season on its head incredibly. By the fifth year, the project had gone a bit astray. They decided to let me go to another team. I never felt comfortable in the NBA after that. I had a bad time at Sacramento. It was better at Philadelphia but I started to see the chance to return to Europe. I knew that going to Baskonia would make adapting easier”.
International team
“I really identify with the national side. That was my holiday from sport, I played to enjoy it. It just so happened that 12 very talented players came together who defined an era for Argentina”.
“My family have given up a lot of things along the way in order to follow my career, especially my wife. It'd be selfish to prolong my career to keep playing basketball. I've also made the decision to be with my family. I don't see myself playing as a veteran, I think I'm more likely to go into coaching kids”.