Real Madrid - Movistar Estudiantes

97-79: Real Madrid recover their attacking prowess

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REPORT | 07/02/2016 | Edu Bueno | PHOTOGRAPHER: Ángel Martínez

They left Estudiantes with no options in a derby where Carroll, Ayón and Sergio Rodríguez were the most outstanding players.
  • Liga Endesa
  • Matchday 19
  • 07/02/2016
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Real Madrid extended their run of home wins against Movistar to 11, in a derby defined by the Whites' superiority. Despite having four players missing due to injury, Madrid showed their attacking prowess led by the trio of Ayón (17 points and a PIR of 23), Carroll (21 and 20) and Sergio Rodríguez (16 and 19). Also, Llull got a double-double (10 points and 10 assists). It is the 15th win in the league before tackling the final game of the first stage of the Top 16 next Thursday against Khimki.

The most often played derby in the history of the ACB (165) got underway with a very closely fought first quarter, with both defenses failing to show up (22-21, min. 10). Estudiantes, through three pointers (5/10) with an inspired Nacho Martín (3 for 9 points) faced up to the best attack in the competition, with Sergio Rodríguez shining with 11 points, including 3 three-pointers, accompanied by Rivers (7).

Real Madrid take off before the break
The game remained even until midway through the second quarter (39-34, min. 16). The visitors held on thanks to their unexpected prowess from the three-pointer line, with another 3 three-pointers courtesy of Salgado (6 points) and Juancho Hernangómez (11). However, the Whites, despite being affected in the paintwork by the absences of Nocioni and Reyes (as well as Maciulis and Thompkins, who is not registered in the league), continued to show their enormous rebounding superiority with the trio comprised of Willy, Lima and Ayón. Along with more activity in defense and progress in attack, the biggest leads came in a 28-point quarter with the score at 48-34 and 50-36 in the last minute of the second quarter (50-39, min 20).

Ayón has surpassed 1000 points in the Endesa League (1116).

The home side extended their dressing room break a little over six minutes, and Estudiantes took advantage with a 16-8 run led by the power forward Nacho Martín who notched up his 18th point, to get his side back into the game in the 27th minute (58-55). With the rivals putting on the pressure and Madrid in difficulty, it was Llull who got his men to react by taking a hold of the game. Ten points in three minutes, with a 17-6 run between the 27th and 30th minute, left the Whites with a +14 lead at the end of the third quarter (75-61).

Another attacking masterclass
The blow from Madrid proved definitive in crushing the hopes of Estudiantes. The Whites did not take their foot off the accelerator. Carroll, who left with 21 points, made the 27 points of Nacho Martín's solo effort useless. With two minutes remaining on the clock all of Real Madrid's players had scored including the academy player De la Rua, who made his mark with a 3-pointer to make it a +18 lead at the end. Madrid finished the match with three academy players on the court: Doncic, De la Rua, and Radoncic… (97-79, min. 40).

REAL MADRID 97 (22+28+25+22): Sergio Rodríguez (16), Llull (10), Rivers (7), Ayón (17) and Lima (6) -starting five- Carroll (21), Doncic (4), Taylor (5), Hernángomez (6), Ndour (2), Radoncic (0) and De la Rúa (3).

MOVISTAR ESTUDIANTES  79 (21+18+22+18): J. Fernández (11), Laprovittola (5), J. Hernangómez (11), Martín (27) and Rey (6) –starting five- Brizuela (3), Salgado (6), Thomas (0), Bircevic (7), Vicedo (3), Sainsbury (-) and Guerra (-).