Cádiz - Real Madrid

Isco: "We did what was expected of us on the pitch"

NEWS | 02/12/2015

"We came here to win the game and we played pretty well", said Lucas Vázquez.
Isco scored two of Real Madrid's three goals in the first leg of the Copa del Rey, and the Andalusian offered the following summary of the clash: "We put in a good match at a really special ground. It's a good result against a strong team who look to control the ball, and I think that we played pretty well".

"Nobody is in any doubt about the quality James has, he's a really important player for us. We have to be bang at it because we need everyone".

Controversy over the fielding of Cheryshev
"I found out halfway through the second half. I had no idea. It's a matter for the club, it's for them to resolve, and we did what was expected of us on the pitch. For the good of football, I hope there is a second leg".

Isco: "We played pretty well against a strong team".

"I think that the coach gave me the full 90 minutes to ensure my fitness doesn't drop off. My sending-off against Barcelona was a nasty challenge from me, but I'm young and you have to look to improve".

Lucas Vázquez: "We come away with our job done"
"We come away with our job done. We were focused on the game and when we got to the dressing rooms we were told about the situation with [Denis] Cheryshev and now we have to wait and see what is decided. If in the end the decision is that we're out, it'll be a blow. We came here to win the game and we played pretty well".

Cheryshev's suspension
"He didn't remember it, we're itching to play and in that moment you don't think about whether last year you got three yellows. I think that Denis isn't much to blame. He comes into the game excited at the prospect of playing and now he's told that he's suspended from last year".

Marcos Llorente: "You're always proud to fight for the sake of this shirt"
"For us it's always a pleasure to play and you're proud to fight for the sake of this shirt. The situation with Cheryshev is something from way back, and he isn't thinking about that, only about playing and doing well. That's a matter for the club to resolve. We all tried to talk to him and we tried to lift his spirits. It isn't his fault and he should be calm".