Bwin de Bale

Bale: “The Clásico is always special because the rivalry is incredible”

NEWS | 19/11/2015

“I'm feeling strong and fit for this match. I'm ready for battle”, he declared on the subject of Saturday's La Liga encounter against Barcelona.
“Ready for battle” is how Gareth Bale is feeling ahead of the Clásico, which he considers “special and exciting”. “We're the two biggest sides in Spain. There is an enormous rivalry, which has been around for years, and we're always competing with each other for the La Liga, Champions League and other championship titles. As such we have an incredible rivalry and all of that together means there is a greater sense of pressure out on the pitch, which makes these games so unique and exciting”, he stated on the Bwin website.

“Barcelona aren't going to change their playing style and neither will we. I'm certain you'll see an attacking game from both teams and it makes sense that the team that scores a lot of goals will win. I'm hoping they don't score many! It will be an even contest, it's always tough against them, but fingers crossed we're able to get more goals than them”.

The team's current form
“We've been in good form so far this season, we've only lost one game and I still think there is some room for improvement. We could still be better, play better, and I'm hoping that, as the season goes on, our form continues to improve and that leads us to winning La Liga”.

“I want to keep trying to give my best, to work hard and to help the team win”.

“I've been out with injury for six weeks so I haven't had a chance to play much this season. Nowhere near as much as I would have liked anyway, but I'm feeling strong and fit for this game. I'm ready for battle. I want to keep trying to give my best, to work hard and to help the team win".

His contribution
“I think I can provide the team with my speed and my strength. Those attributes always act as a bonus for us”.

The goal against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final
“That's among the most cherished goals of my career. It's definitely one of the goals I have etched into my memory and I'm sure it will remain there for a long time to come”.