Almeria - Real Madrid

Casillas: “We have finished the year in La Liga comprehensively"

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NEWS | 12/12/2014

"The penalty was a pivotal moment. The team reacted and got back into the game".
Casillas, one of the key players in the game against Almería following the penalty save against Verza, was happy with the team's last league victory of the year: “We have finished our last La Liga game of the year in a very solid and comprehensive way. It was a really difficult game but we found our way through".

“It was complicated but we head back to Madrid delighted. Every match is different and difficult, but as long as we focus on everything in the short-term, the team will win”. 

The penalty save
“It was a key moment. If we had let the goal in it would have been different because they would have equalised, but the team reacted and really got into the game. We leave here home happy”.

We are going to try and make our fans happy and put the finishing touches to a fantastic 2014 at the Club World Cup. 

"During the break we mentioned that this wasn't our best game, we were lacking intensity. At the end of the day, we finished the game resoundingly, although it was a hard-fought battle to get to 1-4”.

The Club World Cup
“It's a new competition for us. It is a different competition and also really important, we are going to try and make our fans happy. Fingers crossed that we, Madrid and the fans will have another success to celebrate. It will be difficult because as we saw today, things can get complicated and that could also happen at the Club World Cup”.

Holiday wishes
“I hope everyone enjoys being around their loved ones, and that we can keep this up for next year”.