Almeria - Real Madrid

Ancelotti: “They put pressure on us but our quality came through and we won”

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NEWS | 12/12/2014

“We try and win every competition we play in and that is how we will go about the Club World Cup”, he stated.
Carlo Ancelotti spoke at the post-match press conference following the game against Almería. The Real Madrid coach acknowledged that his team had faced some problems due to the intensity of the home side: "It wasn't smooth sailing. They put a lot of pressure on us but our quality came through and we were able to win".

"They fought hard and pressured a lot. We had difficulty keeping possession, we missed passes, but we were calm enough to win. It was difficult because they played with real hope and heart. The entire team suffered but in the end, the two goals decided the match".

The penalty save
"The penalty save was a decisive moment and everything got easier after that".

The Club World Cup
“We finished the year well in the league and now it is time to concentrate on the Club World Cup, we have to win it. If I had to give the team a grade, they would get a very high mark. We aim to win every competition we play in. There is a good atmosphere and we will go out there to win”.

Squad strengthening
"I will see what condition Modric and James are in after Christmas, they are recovering very well. It is possible that we will not need to bring in any players".