Liverpool - Real Madrid

Ronaldo: “It was a perfect night”

NEWS | 22/10/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Liverpool)

“We are performing at a high level and the whole team deserves the credit for that”, explained Isco.
Cristiano Ronaldo, Isco and Marcelo spoke to the press after the match. The Portuguese opened the scoring with a goal that puts him level with Raúl as the European Cup's top goal-scorer: “I'm not worried about beating the record but I am very happy about the good job. The best thing is that the team won and got three points. It was a perfect night". 

“It is a very important victory. I had never won or scored here. I feel good. The record is not the important thing. The important thing is playing well, playing attractive football”.

Three out of three
“Qualification is the priority and now we have a 75% chance of doing that. We have to take it match by match and we know that it will be very tough. Last year with had a great first stage and it is possible to repeat that this year". 

"I am not surprised that I got an ovation, they have always had a special affection for me. Their culture is different to that of Spain and they also applauded Benzema when he scored”.

The Clásico
“It will be a difficult match because Barcelona are playing well. I'm not going to play against Messi, I'm going to play against Barcelona. They are a great team. Real Madrid and Barcelona are playing each other”.

The team is progressing and I want it to continue that way.

“We're not going to make any excuses. But I don't understand why they put the match on Saturday. It is a difficult match and all footballers know that an extra day's rest is significant. Cup matches aren't so important. However, I don't want to make excuses because the team is fine and confident”.

Isco: “We're performing at a high level”
“It is a difficult ground and the fans put a lot of pressure on you. Liverpool pressured a lot at the start too. The whole team deserves the credit. It's not easy to win here and even less so in the way that we did and that gives us a boost for the Clásico. We can't wait for Saturday”.

Marcelo: “It was a great match for the whole team”.
“We're fine. But we know that playing against Barcelona is difficult, it is a match that everyone wants to play in. We have to rest on the days we can and train in the time we have. It will not be an easy match”.