Villarreal - Real Madrid

Casillas: "We took really good advantage of our chances"

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NEWS | 27/09/2014 | Alberto Navarro (Vila-Real) | PHOTOGRAPHER: Víctor Carretero

“Cristiano is in really good shape and that's very good for the team,” explained Varane.
Iker Casillas was Real Madrid's goalkeeper at El Madrigal and he spoke to the media after the win: "When we had to go through difficult moments we stuck together and we took really good advantage of our chances. It was a very interesting game both in defence and in attack."

"The other day against Deportivo, the 2-8 game was a strange match, very end to end. Today we learned our lesson from that day and we tried not to give away chances, despite Villarreal really taking the game to us and attacking well. You also have to be well organised so as not to have difficult moments."

We kept a clean sheet at a very difficult ground to come to.

“El Madrigal is a difficult ground to come to, last year we had to fight to come away with something and we came here with the aim of keeping up our positive run of results and getting the win. The team had to defend and we kept a clean sheet in a difficult ground and against a difficult team."

Champions League and changes in goal
“We'll try to win in Bulgaria because we have the chance to sort out qualification before meeting Liverpool. If the coach believes that a player has to bring his know-how to a match, it's in order to get the win and to ensure the team stays on its toes. That way we all make sure not to rest on our laurels and to be prepared."

Varane: "They're three important points"
“Playing against Villarreal is always difficult. They are three important points and now we have to keep on moving forward. Casillas is in very good shape, today we kept a clean sheet and that is important for us. It's good for the team."

"Cristiano is in really good shape and that is very good for the team. I am too, I've played three games in a row and I hope I can continue to do that. My job is to play and try to do the best I can. I feel happy at the club."

Carvajal: "In the first half, we went after them"
“In the first half, we went after them. The game was more open, with chances for both teams, and we were lucky enough to go in at the break ahead."

"We didn't want anything to happen like in the match at Anoeta and we kept together within 30 or 35 metres. The team was able to come through the difficult moments. We're getting better and better and we feel better and better, and we have to keep this up."